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Carrel Application

AUB graduate students who are writing their thesis and PHD students who are engaged in dissertation preparation are eligible to apply for a carrel.


  • Carrels are assigned until the end of the spring semester of each academic year. All your belongings should be removed by the end of the carrel assignment (the last exam day of classes as stated in the AUB University calendar of the assigned semester); unless you have renewed the carrel. Carrels will be inspected for damage and if any damage has occurred, the cost to the holder(s) of the carrel will be determined based upon the cost of the repair(s).
  • MA students are requested to provide an email from their advisor confirming that they are at the thesis writing stage. The email should be sent to libcirc@aub.edu.lb.
  • To retain a carrel, it must be renewed; however, there is no guarantee of another assignment or extension. Carrels may be renewed 2 weeks before the end of the semester by submitting the carrel application form again. The applicant’s advisor needs to send an email to libcirc@aub.edu.lb confirming that the applicant is still engaged in thesis writing for the current semester. All carrels not renewed will be cleared and checked out to other patrons.

Terms and Conditions

  • Carrels are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Carrels are checked out for reading and research purposes only and are not intended to provide office or storage space. Extraneous material may be removed from the carrel.
  • Safety regulations prohibit opening the windows as well as any materials covering them. Posters, notes and other materials are not allowed on walls, doors or windows.
  • All library materials kept in the study carrels must be charged out to the carrel occupant's personal University borrower ID.
  • Please notify the circulation desk staff of any problems in the carrel (lights not working, cracks in the wall, leaks, etc.).
  • No furniture or equipment is to be moved from or introduced into a study carrel. No smoking, food or beverages except for water bottles are allowed in the carrels. Any food or beverages left in the carrel will be removed and thrown away.
  • All carrels are subject to routine search by authorized staff to ensure compliance with these policies. Any unauthorized items found in the carrel will be removed and discarded immediately.
  • The university library cannot guarantee the security of your belongings in any carrel space. The library assumes no responsibility or liability for damaged, lost or stolen items from a study carrel.








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